Pulse Festival of Art and Technology, Telfair Museum

Current Performance:

Time Constraints

Time  Constraints  pits  the  funky,  but  essentially mechanical, Rhythm 1001 against the phasing and complex drip-driven rhythms of Elsewhere’s Roof.  The performance ranges from quiet and melodic to thunderous and polyrhythmic.  The play between Elsewhere’s Roof and Rhythm 1001 is a sensory comparison between a predictable "dry" technology and a wet technology that operates at the edge of comprehensibility.


The Singer Songwriter

In 2010, Invisible participated in a residency at Elsewhere in Greensboro. The culmination of which was a performance about data storage, work ethics and letting go.  The Singer sewing machine turned mechanical music maker was constructed from Elsewhere's collection and remains on display at the living museum. 

The Paint Mixer

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The Paint Mixer is a turning platter of tape decks. The turning mechanism was once used to mix paint.  Each deck has its speaker the same distance from the center so that when a microphone is aimed at a point on the disk, it will pick up the sound of whatever tape deck is under it.